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Project Description

Cell Phone Photography

Modern Convenience

I don’t always like to carry around my photography gear. My bag with all my equipment in it is usually 25lbs and sometimes it just becomes a nuisance. Carrying around that equipment just isn’t always practical, or necessary, but I do always have my cell phone.

Modern cell phones have great cameras now. Don’t expect to be able to enlarge the photos to billboard size but for everyday use or for social media, a cell phone camera is often all you need. They have some great features that a DSLR would have, like the ability to change your ISO or your shutter speed.

 Small Enough to Take Everywhere

Always in Your Pocket

The great thing about cell phones is we’re most likely already carrying them with us. No need to pack extra gear when you can capture great shots with your cell phone already. You’d be surprised how much you can do with these cameras, even photoshop them if you want.

Freedom to Enjoy Yourself

Never in Your Face

Sometimes the main goal of your activity isn’t to take photos. Get out there and enjoy yourself in whatever activity you choose, but have the freedom to take photos if you want. Photographers often are so preoccupied with getting photos that they forget to enjoy the moment.

It’s Not the Camera, it’s the Photographer


Many people are intimidated by a DSLR, all the buttons and dials that do who knows what. A cell phone is familiar to us, it’s not scary at all. A great photographer can produce a great image with whatever camera, so don’t get so hung up on the gear you’re using to capture your images.

Toronto CN Tower cell phone photography

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