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A little known fact about me is I can’t swim; funny enough though, I love the ocean and all sorts of boats. Someone who can’t swim logically wouldn’t want to be in the ocean or on a boat but I don’t let my fear of drowning stop me from the things I love. Being near the ocean and hearing the waves brings me happiness and a feeling of calmness.

This photo was what I call making the best out of a s****y situation. We were supposed to land on Navagio beach but the ocean wasn’t cooperating. The wind was picking up on the north end of Zakynthos causing large swells, making it too dangerous to dock on Navagio. We ended up catching a private boat tour to Marathonisi, or better known as Turtle Island. Mother nature just wasn’t going to give me a break that day because I didn’t see a single turtle. What I did see was some of the clearest waters I have ever seen. The water is just this amazing shade of blue, something I will never forget.

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