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Project Description

Portrait Photography

Why I Got Into Portraits

When I first got into digital photography 6 years ago I knew I wanted to work with people. Portrait photography is everywhere, from the magazines we read to billboards we see for advertising. It’s everywhere and sometimes we don’t even realize that behind every great photo we see was someone who put time and research into getting all the conditions just right before pressing a button.

I love portrait photography because to me it’s like a puzzle. All the pieces are in front of you; the lighting, your subject, the environment, and it’s up to you as the photographer to put them all together. It’s much harder than many people think, not only are you trying to put the pieces together to create something interesting but other people are depending on you. The hair stylist, the makeup artist, and the model all trust you and your vision to deliver something great. I always loved a challenge and maybe that’s why I love portrait photography.

Personality Matters


After all the research on lighting and posing I did, it was finally my turn up to bat. You can read all the how-tos in the world but they never explain how important it is to interact with your model. That’s where you can let your personality shine as a portrait photographer.

Team Effort

Makeup Artists

A photoshoot is always a team effort and I always make sure I have a makeup artist on my team. I’ve worked with a lot of great makeup artists during my shoots. They’re highly under rated and have saved me a lot of time in post processing.

Being Photogenic


Being photogenic has nothing to do with the way people look. It’s how you make them feel in front of the camera. If they’re tense and nervous, it’s going to show in the photos.

My job as a photographer is to break down those barriers and make them feel confident. Posing lighting, camera settings come second to this. The greatest reward as a portrait photographer is the look on someone’s face after seeing themselves in a stunning photo when they thought they weren’t photogenic.

little red riding hood makeup
Calgary hairdresser posing by branch
ballerina dancing en pointe

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