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Project Description


Foundations of the Modern World

Greece is a beautiful country filled with ancient architecture and islands consisting of stark white and blue buildings. I have always been fascinated with ancient Greece, from the legendary Spartan Warriors to epic tales such as the Iliad. Many things in our modern world come from ancient Greece such as democracy and even the Olympic games.

I didn’t even know why I was going to Delphi; I just knew I had to go there. Delphi was one of my favorite stops on this whole trip because I got to explore ancient ruins. It was amazing to me to look at these ruins and realize that these have survived since before modern times. Not to mention that Delphi was considered the navel of the ancient world, it was amazing to experience for myself

The Most Famous Beach in Greece

Navagio Beach

A beach inside an exposed cove, protected by limestone cliffs, and like a crown jewel, a ship wreck washed up on the white sand. It’s hard to imagine anything more spectacular than this setting, which is why you’ve probably seen this beach in many brochures and travel ads.

Monasteries in the Mountains


The perfect mix of nature, architecture, and history. It’s not just a hike up the mountains but also a pilgrimage to a holy place for people of the Christian faith. Even if you’re not religious you’ll be amazed when you realize that monks carried all the construction materials up using nothing more than ropes and folding ladders.

The Precious Gem of the Aegean


White buildings perched on the rim of a volcano make for a perfect setting for a romantic getaway. It’s a dream location for anyone who has seen photos of white churches with blue domes. I can personally tell you it’s as beautiful as you would imagine.

Greek Cuisine


If you love olives, seafood and lamb as much as I do, Greek cuisine is perfect for you. There are other things to eat here of course and I wasn’t even sure where to begin. I would usually scan the menus and if I saw lamb, that’s what I was ordering. Don’t be afraid to try new things though, I didn’t know what moussaka was until I tried it halfway through my trip and I loved it. The seafood is usually freshly caught and the olive oil is locally produced. In port cities you’ll usually find octopus hanging out to dry in the sun, you have to try it grilled. I’ll never forget the night I sat on a rooftop restaurant in Santorini eating a Greek salad and watching the sunset.

Zakynthos Town
Santorini panorama view from Oia Castle
Oia photographed with DJI Mavic
Santorini sunset from rooftop restaurant
panorama view from Canaves Oia Hotel
blue doors in santorini
Santorini View From Canaves hotel
blue domed churches of Oia Santorini

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