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Project Description

Through photography I’ve met many interesting people along the way. I actually started out my photography journey taking photos of people and I honed my skills that way before moving onto landscape and travel photography.

I was approached by my friend about helping her build up her portfolio for her makeup work. I agreed and enlisted the help of my friend Yves who is also a talented photographer. We’ve helped each other grow in photography and always bouncing ideas back and forth and building from that, so who better to work with. Through him I met Alex who is the model for these photos, one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She’s also a hair stylist if anyone ever needs one; she’s even cut my hair a couple times. She was a pleasure to work with and I ended up nailing the shots I needed within the first 5 shots, I only took 8 that day.

This photo is special to me because it was the last photo of a model I had taken before deciding to give landscape photography a try, not because my model was so horrible that I felt the need to give up on model photography completely. It was the opposite, she was great to work with and I wanted to end this part of my photography journey on a high note.

Project Details

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